Floover Woven is an exclusive, inviting and unique woven vinyl product. The feeling of the textile is unmistakable, practically organic but the flooring, nevertheless, has all the advantages of vinyl: wear-resistant, easy to handle compared to textile floorings and simple to install. Woven combines the craftsmanship and creativity of the past with the possibilities offered by modern technology. A collection with a completely new inspiration, a strong textile feeling, high resistance and a unique look. The elasticity and acoustic insulation of its structure give this product great qualities of underfoot comfort.

Mineral Floover
Mineral is the successful combination of a perfectly stable mineral core board and the optical design variety of the newest digital printing technology. Coupled with the properties of the HotCoating surface technology, Mineral is suitable for almost every area, from the living area to highly frequented commercial areas.
1. Hot Coating Protection
2. Mineral Board with digital print
3. Sound impact absortion layer
Ceramic Antiskid
Floover Ceramic is a brand new generation of ceramic tile floor with an antiskid backing that can be installed without glue.
1. Ceramic 10mm.
2. PVC layer reinforced with fiberglass 3mm.
3. Backing PVC with micro antiskid.

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